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Eating with Bollywood Spices

I feel so incredibly lucky, not only to have such good friends, but good friends who cook better than me!

My lovely friend Jasleen introduced me “the Indian grocery store.” My culinary life will never be the same.

I met Jasleen through my wonderful friend Katherine who is our local La Leche Leader. As with most conversations involving nursing, low milk supply was an issue. Jasleen explained that she never had this problem as Indian cooking (she cooks food from the Punjabi region) relies heavily on fenugreek which is an herb prescribed for low supply. She also mentioned using ginger in her meals and having few digestive issues as a result.

Always a skeptic, I waited to visit our local Indian grocery store (Bollywood Spices) until I had tried her cooking–out of this world–and got to know her well enough to take her advice seriously.

Ten pounds of Himalayan Basmati rice for twelve dollars!

Three bunches of fresh-picked cilantro for a buck!

Six month supply of rose incense for $3!

Most of what I now cook is vegan and in addition to the great prices, I love the fact that I can nourish my family with every meal. Legumes are a superfood loaded with insoluble fiber, which helps with regularity and wards off cancer. Beans are also a staple in the Indian diet. Our kitchen is loaded with orange lentils, black chickpeas, ginger, cilantro, coconut milk, spinach, garlic and spices that promote health and taste delish!

Yay, Jasleen!!!

Recently, I purchased, “The Indian Slow Cooker.” It makes cooking restaurant-quality, health food very easy. If you have any good recipes please share them!

I am delighted to be part of a wonderful (food) community.


Nourishment and friends

I used to write fiction to find the clarity I now receive from parenting. It sounds dubious and maybe a little self-righteous, but children have as much to teach as learn. I love my girls’ ability to feel each moment and be frank without asking for permission.

Today, we were scheduled to have lunch with a friend of Ryan’s: everything was going wrong. First, I hadn’t slept the night before, we ran late, forgot to bring diapers to the restaurant and Sofia kept crying but our lunch companions were beyond lovely; a somewhat new couple in love and the feeling was infectious. I loved the way they met cute as they say in Hollywood . . . it involved handwritten notes, a national forest and luck or fate, whichever you prefer.

Feeling so thankful for good friends and family today.


There is poetry
Outside, the heat builds my
Baby’s sweat and I wonder if this is a bad situation.

Nature can be a blessing and oppressor, much akin
To our minds
Obsession with the news cycle
Rotating violence and the rare
Good fortune. It builds
Within what I feel looking at my daughter Olivia.

An olive came from a tree
I met my husband against the backdrop of a painted rainforest
In his remodeled bathroom. He asked me
If I liked his painting and I told him
wasn’t the paradise he was looking for

Thank you for reading.

Have a lovely day,