Monthly Archives: September 2012

Nourishment and friends

I used to write fiction to find the clarity I now receive from parenting. It sounds dubious and maybe a little self-righteous, but children have as much to teach as learn. I love my girls’ ability to feel each moment and be frank without asking for permission.

Today, we were scheduled to have lunch with a friend of Ryan’s: everything was going wrong. First, I hadn’t slept the night before, we ran late, forgot to bring diapers to the restaurant and Sofia kept crying but our lunch companions were beyond lovely; a somewhat new couple in love and the feeling was infectious. I loved the way they met cute as they say in Hollywood . . . it involved handwritten notes, a national forest and luck or fate, whichever you prefer.

Feeling so thankful for good friends and family today.


There is poetry
Outside, the heat builds my
Baby’s sweat and I wonder if this is a bad situation.

Nature can be a blessing and oppressor, much akin
To our minds
Obsession with the news cycle
Rotating violence and the rare
Good fortune. It builds
Within what I feel looking at my daughter Olivia.

An olive came from a tree
I met my husband against the backdrop of a painted rainforest
In his remodeled bathroom. He asked me
If I liked his painting and I told him
wasn’t the paradise he was looking for

Thank you for reading.

Have a lovely day,