Eating for Michael Bloomberg

Most of us make bad decisions sometimes when it comes to food hence the invention of black forest truffles, chocolate-avocado smoothies and other works of pure genius (the vegetarian version of In & Out’s burger.) I also understand obesity is one of the largest (public) health concerns yet, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sodas really irks me.

I am totally for food (and voter) education but his proposed ban reeks of classism; I mean, if we are banning all foods that potentially lead to being overweight, then who is going to march into the Waldorf-Astoria hotel and arrest the chef behind their signature “salad”? Two tablespoons of mayo per recipe!?! What were those senseless fat-promotors thinking?

And if Mayor Bloomberg is banning sugar-filled soda drinks, well, he should definitely STOP ALL NEW YORKERS FROM FLYING TO PARIS: aka city of crepes and sinful croissants!!!

All I’m saying is that if he can’t stop rich people from eating unhealthy food once in a while, then he can keep his hands off my pudgy, middle-class hips.

On another note, if you are reading this sentence it means you are actually reading my blog so thank you Katherine–my kind, brilliant neighbor. I really enjoy having a voice, even if you are the only person who reads/hears it.

Have a good night!

5 responses to “Eating for Michael Bloomberg

  1. Oh you are so funny!!! 🙂 I am laughing out loud here 🙂 Have you sought out blog carnivals – I know there are lots of people that would love to read your thoughts!
    On a serious note, not sure about this whole food ban thing. Part of me likes it, because people aren’t educated about real food and portion size, but part of me realizes that to make a true difference, people need education – preferably in schools like Jamie Oliver was doing.

    Oh, and btw, what’s wrong with avocado chocolate smoothies?! Sounds yum to me 🙂

    • Katherine,

      No, I have not heard of blog carnivals but they sound delightful! I will google them right now.

      Thank you for being such a dear and supportive friend!

      Have a good day,

      Victoria ☀

  2. I read them, too! Just sometimes a little behind. 🙂

  3. doingwrongright

    I’m passing on the “Tell me about yourself” award to you!

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